General Knowledge Set – 199 UPSC Exam:

1. Who among the following was an eminent Painter?

Answer.  Sarada Ukil

2. Which colloidal solution is commonly used as germ killer?

Answer. Colloidal sulphur

3. Which is an insectivorous plant?

Answer. Pitcher plant

4. Which is a north flowing river?

Answer. Chambal

5. Who followed the policy of ‘masterly inactivity’ towards Afghanistan?

Answer. Sir John Lawrence

6. Who was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?

Answer. Dr. B. N. Rao

7. Which Public Sector bank’ emblem figures a dog and the words ‘faithful, friendly’ in it?

Answer. Syndicate Bank

8. Yamini Krishnamurti is an accomplished exponent of which dance?

Answer. Bharatnatyam

9. The river Cauvery flows from which state?

Answer. Karnataka to Tamil Nadu

10. The first census was conducted in India at the time of which governor general?

Answer. Lord Mayo

11. Which is the unit of activity of a radioactive source?

Answer. Becquerel

12. Between which set of blood groups, is the blood transfusion possible?

Answer. A and AB (A donor)

13. Which is the only Union Territory that has a High Court of its own?

Answer. Delhi

14. Which region has Mediterranean type of climate?

Answer. Cape Town region of South Africa

15. Under whose guidance was the Congress policy of pray and petition ultimately come to an end?

Answer. Lala Lajpat Rai

16. When is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, recognized by the UN observed?

Answer. January 27

17. Which bank gives long term loan to farmers?

Answer. Land Development Bank

18. Medicines are more effective, if they are used in which state?

Answer. Colloidal state

19. Where is the expression of earliest volcanic activity in India found?

Answer. Dalmia hill

20. Where did the Indian National Army (I.N.A.) come into existence?

Answer. Singapore

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