General Knowledge Set – 195 RRB Exam

  1. Dwarfness can be controlled by treating the plant with which acid?
    Answer. Gibberellic acid
  2. For howmany months is the President’s rule imposed?
    Answer. 6 months
  3. ‘International literacy Day’ is observed on which day?
    Answer. September 8
  4. Which natural region is not found in the Torrid Zone?
    Answer. Temperate deserts
  5. The Chola empire reached its zenith under which rular?
    Answer. Rajendra Chola I
  6. Who lost the AFC (Asian Football Confederation Final 2012 to Aradil?
    Answer. Al-Kuwait
  7. Of which irom is Core of transformer made up?
    Answer. Soft iron
  8. Which are the Chemicals having profound effect on growth and development?
    Answer. Phyto hormones
  9. What are the Mediterranean lands often called?
    Answer. World’s orchard lands
  10. The famous bronze image of Nataraja is a fine example of which art?
    Answer. Chola art
  11. The levying of which following taxe is outside the jurisdiction of Municipal Corporation?
    Answer. Income Tax
  12. Who sings on ten rupee notes?
    Answer. Governor (Reserve Bank of India)
  13. In Which year were the first Winter Olympic Games held?
    Answer. 1924
  14. Which is not the part of North Atlantic ocean current system?
    Answer. Brazilian current
  15. Which kingdom was annexed to tile Mughal empire during the reign of Shahjahan?
    Answer. Ahmadnagar
  16. Which is obtained, when H2S is passed through the solution of sodium zincate?
    Answer. ZnS
  17. Crop sown soon after the onset of south-west monsoon in India, what is this called?
    Answer. Kharif
  18. What is the electorate for a Panchayat?
    Answer. he Gram Sabha
  19. The cold Labrador current brings nine months winter to which region?
    Answer. Eastern Newfoundland
  20. How was Akbar’s land revenue system known?
    Answer. As Zabti system

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