General Knowledge Set – 189 RRB Exam

1. The oldest monarchy in the world is that of which country?

Answer. Japan

2. Starch iodide paper is used to test for the presence of which agent?

Answer. Oxidising agent

3. In the case of a ‘test-tube baby’ where does fertilisation take place?

Answer. Outside the mother’s body

4. The direction of ocean currents is reversed with season in which ocean?

Answer. In the Indian Ocean

5. By which inscription is the earliest example of a land grant is provided?

Answer. The Satavahanas

6. The powers of the Election Commission are given in which Article of the Constitution?

Answer. 324

7. New exim policy has choosen which town for ‘the pottery export?

Answer. Khurja

8. The boundary between North and South Korea is marked by which line?

Answer. 38th Parallel

9. The Grand Banks are famous fishing grounds in which region?

Answer. North-West Atlantic

10. To which satvahana king is the Prakrit text ‘Gatha Saptasai’ is attributed?

Answer. Hala

11. Why does diffusion of light in the atmosphere take place?

Answer. Due to dust particles

12. Which Element present in largest amount in human body?

Answer. Oxygen

13. Which of appointment is not made by the President of India?

Answer. Speaker of the Lok Sabha

14. The present demographic transition of India is indicative of which thing?

Answer. Typically increasing urbanisation

15. Who wrote Tughluqnamah ?

Answer. Amir Khusrau

16. Who was the first winner of’ Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

Answer. Prithvi Raj Kapoor

17. What is the mean of Ad Valorem?

Answer. According to value

18. What is formed by dissolution of base or acid in water?

Answer. Exothermic

19. Which is the smallest Union Territory?

Answer. Lakshadweep

20. In which year was India was invaded by Timur Lame?

Answer. 1398

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