General Knowledge Set – 180 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

1. In the leaf of tobacco what is found?

Answer.  Nicotine

2. Anglo-Indian representatives in the Lok Sabha are nominated in terms of which Article?

Answer. 331

3. How many images will be formed if two mirrors are fitted on adjacent walls and one mirror on the ceiling?

Answer. 7

4. Who founded the French School of Regional Geography?

Answer. Paul Vidal de in Blache

5. The bitterest war of succession under the great Mughals was fought among whose sons?

Answer. Shahjahan

6. All Sher, an Arjuna award winner, is associated with which game?

Answer. Golf

7. Which is not an award given on National Awards Day?

Answer. Vishwamitra Award

8. What does the outermost whorl of the Bougainvillea flower consist of?

Answer. Bract

9. Which is the place that has the longest day and the shortest night on 22nd December,?

Answer. Melbourne

10. Under which system of assessment, the British Government collected revenue directly from the farmers?

Answer. Ryotwari

11. By whom is the composition of the UPSC determined?

Answer. By the President

12. In which Molecule the distance between two adjacent carbon atoms is longest?

Answer. Ethane

13. When was the decimal system of currency introduced in India?

Answer. 1957

14. Geostationary orbit is at a height of how many km?

Answer. 36,000 km

15. Where was the first Indian university opened in 1857?

Answer. Calcutta

16. Who is the author of the book’ Economic Nightmare of India’?

Answer. Charan Singh

17. Most of the digestion occurs in which part of the alimentary canal of man?

Answer. Small intestine

18. After how many years is Finance Commission constituted by the President?

Answer. Every five years

19. In which country, has the maximum damage to the forest been caused by acid rain?

Answer. Poland                

20. Who was named Mira Ben by Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer. Madeline Slade

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