General Knowledge Set – 177 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

1. How many wickets Kapil Dev had taken in Test matches when he retired?

Answer. 434

2. The human body is immune to which disease?

Answer. Smallpox

3. Why was the design of the National Flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India?

Answer.  July 1947

4. Where is the thermal equator found?

Answer. North of the geographical equator

5. Which was the capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

Answer. Lahore

6. Which pair does not contain a coinage metal?

Answer. Zinc and Gold

7. Who is the recipient of the 20th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award?

Answer. D.R. Mehta

8. Where is The headquarter of the World Trade Organisation?

Answer. Geneva

9. Tsunami is a large sea wave caused by an earthquake experienced along the coasts of which country?

Answer. Japan

10. Who was the first woman President of the Indian National Congress?

Answer. Annie Besant

11. Phycology is the branch of botany, what do we study in this branch?

Answer. Algae

12. On which date India became a Sovereign, democratic republic?

Answer. Jan 26, 1950

13. Why is a water tank appears shallower when it is viewed from the top?

Answer. Due to Refraction

14. On which scale the intensity of earthquakes is measured?

Answer. Richter scale

15. Who was the founder of the Muslim League in India?

Answer. Nawab Salimulla

16. Who is the first Indian woman to receive in Borlaug award and in which year?

Answer. Dr. Amita Patel, 1992

17. The National Institute of Communicable Diseases is located at which place?

Answer. Delhi

18. Palaeobotany is the branch of botany, what do we study in this branch?

Answer. Plant fossils

19. Which is the largest fish-exporting region in the world?

Answer. The North-West Pacific Region

20. By the time of which ruler was Gautama Buddha elevated to the position of God?

Answer. Kanishka

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