General Knowledge Set – 164 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

1. By whom were the members of the Constituent Assembly elected?

Answer:  By Provincial Assemblies

2. How much does one degree of the circumference of the earth measure (approx.)?

Answer:  111 km

3. Which dynasty succeeded the Chalukyas in Western India?

Answer:  Rashtrakutas

4. What is the Mode of transmission of heat in which heat is carried by a moving particle?

Answer:  Convection

5. Who is not protected against inflation?

Answer:  Agricultural farmers

6. The first Commonwealth Games were held in the year 1930 at which place?

Answer:  Hamilton (Canada)

7. In the earth’s atmosphere, what changes in atmospheric pressure?

Answer:  Decreases with height

8. During the reign of Iltutmish which was a silver coin in use?

Answer:  Tanka

9. A girl ate sweets while fanning the flies away. Due to this, she suffered from which disease?

Answer:  Cholera

10. What is the total number of High Courts in India at present?

Answer:  24

11. Sodium carbonate crystals lose water molecules. What is this property called?

Answer:  Efflorescence

12. Where are the tropical cyclones-Hurricanes and Typhoons-develop and matured?

Answer: Anywhere in the tropical zone

13. What was Karaj in the thirteenth century?

Answer:  Tax on cultivation

14. The Paratroopers Training School of the Indian, Air Force, is located at which place?

Answer:  Agra (U.P.)

15. What is termed a period of high inflation and low economic growth?

Answer:  Stagflation

16. Which cell organelle is semi-permeable?

 Answer:  Plasma membrane

17. In which country is Cork chiefly produced?

Answer:  Cadiz (Spain)

18. What was the original name of Tansen, the famous musician in the court of Akbar?

Answer:  Ramtanu Pande

19. When can the salaries of High Court judges be reduced?

Answer:  During a Financial Emergency

20. Which electromagnetic radiation is most prevalent in the atmosphere?

Answer:  Infrared

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