General Knowledge Set – 159 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

1. Which post does the Constitution of India not mention?

Answer:  The Deputy Prime Minister

2. What is the ‘Solar Corona’ mainly?

Answer:  Consists of molten lava

3. Who was a blind poet who worshipped Krishna and spread the Krishna Bhakti cult?

Answer:  Surdas

4. A metal sheet with a circular hole is heated. what change will be in the hole?

Answer:  It will Expand

5. Which bank prints currency notes of the denomination of Rs. 100?

Answer:  The Bank Note Press, Dewas

6. Gum Kelucharan Mohapatra is a maestro of which dance form?

Answer:  Kathak

7. Which gas is most predominant in the Sun?

Answer:  Hydrogen

8. Who invited Babar to invade India?

Answer:  Alain khan, the father of Dilawar Khan

9. Which are animals that have constant body temperature?

Answer:  Homeothermic

10. After how much time are the elections to Panchayats to be held?

Answer:  Every five years

11. Which is the lightest gas?

Answer:  Hydrogen

12. Which wind in the northern hemisphere, the wind blowing from the Horse latitudes to the Doldrums?

Answer:  Trade wind

13. Who focused his work chiefly on Sher Shah Suri?

Answer:  Abbas khan Sarwani

14. When did Unrepresented- Nations and Peoples Organisation come into existence?

Answer:  1991

15. How many languages are used on a ten rupee note?

Answer:  15

16. How much daily intake of proteins is recommended for a moderately active woman?

Answer:  46 gram

17. Which Warm dry winds blow down the east slopes of the Rockies?

Answer:  Chinook

18. During the reign of Emperor Akbar, who was the famous men Haribans, Mukund, and Jaswant?

Answer:  Painters

19. Who is to conduct the elections for the Panchayats and Municipalities?

Answer:  State Election Commission

20. By inserting a soft iron piece into the solenoid, what does the strength of the magnetic field?

Answer:  Increase

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