General Knowledge Set – 145 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

  1. Which is the highest and final judicial tribunal in respect of the Constitution of India?
    Answer: Supreme Court
  1. If a U-238 nucleus splits into two identical parts, how will the two nuclei be so produced?
    Answer: Stable
  1. Where is the Securities and Exchange Board of India located?
    Answer: Mumbai
  1. Which is the hottest planet?
    Answer: Venus
  1. By whom was the temple of Konark built?
    Answer: Narsimha of the Eastern Ganges
  1. Which year is celebrated as the International Year of Quinoa?
    Answer: 2013
  1. Which plant produces seeds but not flowers?
    Answer: Groundnut
  1. Which is not the concern of the local government?
    Answer: Public Utility Services
  1. What is the distance between two consecutive longitudes (910 E and 920 E) at-the Poles?
    Answer: 0 km
  1. Who was the founder of the second Afghan Empire in India?
    Answer: Sher Shah Suri
  1. Which metal is used for making boats because it does not corrode by seawater?
    Answer: Titanium
  1. Why is Poverty in less developed countries largely?
    Answer: Due to income inequality
  1. When is Commonwealth Day observed by its member countries?
    Answer: May 24
  1. How many kilometers are represented by 10 of latitude?
    Answer: 111 km
  1. What was the official language of the Delhi sultanate?
    Answer: Persian
  1. For which snake is the diet mainly composed of other snakes?
    Answer: King cobra
  1. In which part is the provision of amending the Constitutional Provision is given?
    Answer: Part XX Article 368
  1. If a proton of mass m is moving with the velocity of light, what will its mass be?
    Answer: Infinite
  1. The highest annual precipitation occurs in which basin?
    Answer: Amazon basin
  1. Which popular Sufi Silsilah tried to counteract the liberal religious policy of Akbar?
    Answer: Naqshbandi
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