General Knowledge Set – 143 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

  1. By which enzyme is Urea converted into ammonia and carbon dioxide?
    Answer: Urease
  1. Who sings on ten rupee notes?
    Answer: Governor (Reserve Bank of India)
  1. In which city is the Largest mint in India located?
    Answer: Kolkata
  1. Which state has the largest forest area to its total land area?
    Answer: Mizoram
  1. Which one of the Chola Kings conquered Ceylon?
    Answer: Rajendra
  1. The thyroid gland is activated by which harmonic for the secretion of thyroxin?
    Answer: TSH
  1. To whom is a minister in a State individually responsible?
    Answer: Governor
  1. Which color of heat radiation represents the highest temperature?
    Answer: White
  1. Which element is in the highest amount in the composition of basalt rock?
    Answer: Silicon
  1. Hyder Ali was defeated at Porto Novo by which British General?
    Answer: Sir Eyrecoot
  1. In which year was the first telegraph line between Calcutta and Agra opened?
    Answer: 1853
  1. When was the decimal system of currency introduced in India?
    Answer: 1957
  1. Which salt is found in bone in largest amount?
    Answer: Calcium phosphate
  1. Which plain formed due to the weathering of limestone?
    Answer: Karst plains
  1. Who issued Firman granting Diwani of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa to the English?
    Answer: Shah Alam II
  1. In which article Right to education is a fundamental right?
    Answer: Personal liberty under Article 21
  1. Which fertilizer has more nitrogen content?
    Answer: Urea
  1. Which of Indian bird has been included in the world conservation list?
    Answer: Vulture
  1. Trees in tropical deciduous forests shed their leaves in which season?
    Answer: Dry season
  1. How many hymns does the Rigveda consists?
    Answer: 1028

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