General Knowledge Set – 136 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

  1. What is Electric field intensity at a point in a hollow-charged spherical conductor?
    Answer: Is zero
  1. How many member countries were founders of the Southern African Development Community?
    Answer: 8
  1. In which year Swarn Jayanti Gram Swa-Rozgar Yojna came into being?
    Answer: April 1999
  1. Which is a typical feature of volcanic eruption?
    Answer: Dykes
  1. The most famous musician at the court of Akbar was Tansen. what was his original name?
    Answer : Ramtanu Pande
  1. What is the most important requirement for the people of a flood-hit area?
    Answer: Inoculation against cholera
  1. By whom is the Annual Financial Statement caused to be laid before both Houses of Parliament?
    Answer: President
  1. Which are the most commonly used chemicals in artificial rainmaking or cloud seeding?
    Answer: Silver Iodide (Agl)
  1. Which country is landlocked?
    Answer: Bolivia
  1. The Maratha, the confederacy was virtually dissolved after which battle?
    Answer: Third Battle of Panipat
  1. The General happiness is the end of the state”, who said this?
    Answer: Bentham
  1. Who is the author of the book ‘A bend in the River?
    Answer : V.S. Naipaul
  1. Which hormone is responsible for the secretion of milk in mothers?
    Answer: Lactogenic hormone
  1. Which is the largest island?
    Answer: Madagascar
  1. Which Indian king requested Napoleon for help to drive the British from India?
    Answer: Tipu Sultan
  1. How are the members of the Rajya Sabha elected?
    Answer: Indirectly
  1. What happens, when water is heated from 0°C to 10°C the volume of water?
    Answer: First decreases then increases
  1. By which is the National income of India compiled?
    Answer: Central Statistical Organisation
  1. Indian sovereignty in sea extends up to how many nautical miles?
    Answer: 12
  1. What was the earliest public association formed in the history of modern India in 1837?
    Answer: The Landholder’s Society
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