General Knowledge Set – 133 RRB Exam, UPSC Exam, SSC Exam:

  1. Which describes India as a Secular State?
    Answer: The preamble to the Constitution
  1. Which gase changes lime water in milky colour?
    Answer: Carbon dioxide
  1. Planning in India derives its objectives from which policy?
    Answer: Directive Principles of State policy
  1. There is a submarine ridge in the Bay of Bengal. What is it called?
    Answer: Ninety east ridge
  1. Who was the ruler of Deogiri at the time of Alauddin Khalji’s invasion?
    Answer: Ramchandra Dev
  1. Who has scored the most runs in a one day International Cricket innings?
    Answer: Virendra Sehwag
  1. Which is the type of movement that occurs during opening and closing of flower?
    Answer: Nastic movement
  1. The source of India’s sovereignty lies in which thing?
    Answer: Preamble to the Constitution
  1. Which sector of the economy are state owned and its service sector is a public enterprise?
    Answer: Irrigation
  1. Which Sikh Guru assumed the title ‘Sachcha Badshah’?
    Answer: Guru Teg Bahdur
  1. Mercury thermometers can be used to measure temperature up to how many °C?
    Answer: 360°C
  1. Which player has scored the most run in a single Test Innings?
    Answer: Brain Lara
  1. In which sector is 70% of working population of India engaged?
    Answer: Primary sector
  1. Which is the largest producer of fruits in the Anglo-American Region?
    Answer: California
  1. Which Governor General had entertained Ranjit Singh with great honour at Ropar?
    Answer: William Bentich
  1. What is required for synthesis of carbohydrate?
    Answer: Carbon dioxide
  1. How many times can the President of India return a Non-money Bill, passed by Parliament?
    Answer: Once
  1. What does Gobar gas contain mainly?
    Answer: Methane
  1. Which is the state that is top in the cultivation of flowers?
    Answer: Tamil Nadu
  1. Why Mohenjodaro is also known?
    Answer: Mound of the Dead

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