General Knowledge Set – 109 UPSC Exam:

  1. What was Sachin Tendulkar’s average when he made his first thousand runs in ODls?
    Answer: 35.83
  1. By whom was the most important theory of general biology proposed?
    Answer: Darwin and Wallace
  1. After how many years is Finance Commission constituted by the President?
    Answer: Every five years
  1. Which is the major silk-producing state in India?
    Answer: Karnataka
  1. Who led Vaikom Satyagraha in 1924?
    Answer: K. P. Kesava Menon
  1. In a p-type semiconductor, which is the majority charge carrier?
    Answer: Holes
  1. Sergei Bubkha, an athlete of international repute, belongs to which country?
    Answer: Ukraine
  1. Which Public Sector bank emblem figures a dog and the words ‘faithful, friendly’ in it?
    Answer: Syndicate Bank
  1. Pediplains and inselbergs are features of the old stage of which cycle of erosion?
    Answer: Arid
  1. On the death of Gandhiji, who said that “The light has gone out of our lives…..”?
    Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
  1. Which harmful element of tobacco exists in tobacco?
    Answer: Nicotine
  1. Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution?
    Answer: Dr. B. R. Ambedka
  1. During electrolysis, which species are discharged at the cathode?
    Answer: Cations
  1. Which force is responsible for syncline formation?
    Answer: Crustal compression
  1. Where was Swarajya declared as the goal of the Congress at its session held in 1906?
    Answer: Calcutta
  1. Who was the 1st President of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India)?
    Answer: R.E. Grant Govan
  1. Which country won the Cricket World Cup in 2011?
    Answer: India
  1. The massive hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica was first discovered in which year?
    Answer: 1985
  1. How is general weather associated with anticyclones?
    Answer: Fine and dry
  1. During which Gupta king’s reign did the Chinese traveller Fahien visit India?
    Answer: Chandragupta II

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