General Knowledge Set – 107 UPSC Exam:

  1. A dog bite can cause rabies. Which other animal can also cause rabies?
    Answer: Bat
  1. In which does the subject of Co-operative Societies fall?
    Answer: Concurrent List
  1. Which material is suitable for water purification?
    Answer: Zeolites
  1. Folding is the result of which force?
    Answer: Orogenetic force
  1. With whom did Alberuni come to India?
    Answer: Mahmud of Ghazni
  1. Bulo C. Rani was associated with which field?
    Answer: Motion picture
  1. How many members are there in the International Finance Corporation?
    Answer: 184
  1. In plants, energy is produced during which process?
    Answer: Respiration
  1. Maoris are the inhabitants of which country?
    Answer: New Zealand
  1. Who was the most famous court poet (in Hindi literature) of Akbar?
    Answer: Abdur Rahim-Khan-i-Khanan
  1. With what subject do Articles 5 to 8 of the Constitution of India deal?
    Answer: Citizenship
  1. In which part of the eye lies the pigment that decides the colour of the eyes of a person?
    Answer: Choroid
  1. Who is called the ‘Father of Economics?
    Answer: Adam Smith
  1. The indigenous people living in Fiji and Papua New Guinea belong to which group?
    Answer: Melanesian group
  1. By whom was Agra Fort built?
    Answer: Akbar
  1. Pakistan which rejoined the Commonwealth, had pulled itself out it in which year?
    Answer: 1972
  1. Which movement in plant is induced by external stimuli?
    Answer: Paratonic movement
  1. How long the term of the Lok Sabha can be extended?
    Answer: By 1 year at a time
  1. Which city is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer?
    Answer: Kolkata
  1. The treaty of Purandhar was signed in 1665 with Shivaji by which soldier statesman?
    Answer: Raja Jai Singh

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