General knowledge quiz set 9: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Who was the first Women President of the Indian National Congress?

Answer: Annie Besant.

2. Where was the Ajanta Caves is located?

Answer: Maharashtra.

3. Formic acid found in? 

Answer: Ants.

4.  Which state was formed during the 15th lok sabha?

Answer: Telangana.

5. In which year the Forest Conservation Act is passed?

Answer: 1980.

6. The transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase?

Answer: Sublimation.

7. Grapes expand when you soak them in water?

Answer: It is due to Osmosis.

8. What is the full form of ISRO? 

Answer: Indian Space Research Organization.

9. Who is the ambassador of Maharashtra’s tiger?

Answer: Amitabh Bachchan.

10. Who is the BCCI Cricketer of the year 2015?  

Answer: Virat Kohli.

11. What is the study of humans? 

Answer: Anthropology.

12. Where is the maha bodhi temple is located?

Answer: Bodh Gaya.

13. Who won the M.A Chidambaram trophy best woman cricketer in 2015?

Answer: Mithali Raj.

14. Who built the Red Fort?

Answer: Shah Jahan.

15. The study of Saurology is known as? 

Answer: Lizards.

16. What is the largest cell in our human body?

Answer: Ovum.

17. Where is the kudankulam nuclear power plant is located? 

Answer: Tamil Nadu

18. What is the full form of a DVD? 

Answer: Digital Video/Versatile Disc.

19. Who will declare a financial emergency?

Answer: The President.

20. Who is called an Iron Man of India?

Answer: Sardar Vallabhai Patel.

21. Study of maps is called?

Answer: Cartography.

22. How many players in the Volleyball team?

Answer: Six players.

23. What is the name of Indira Gandhi’s tulip garden? 

Answer: J&K.

24. When was the Hindi Day? 

Answer: January 10.

25. What is the unit of Pressure? 

Answer: Pascal.

26. Who was the first Computer Programmer?

Answer: Ada Lovelace.

27. Study of Spider is known as?

Answer: Arachnology.

28. Where were the 2016 Olympics held? 

Answer: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

29. What was the capital of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: Itanagar.

30. Where was the Kanha National Park is located? 

Answer: MP.

31. Where was the Indira Gandhi Botanical Garden is located?

Answer: Raebareli, UP.

32. Who is the captain of the women’s hockey team?

Answer: Ritu Rani.

33. Amalgam is a mixture of metal with which substance?

Answer: Mercury.

34. which of the following is not an inert gas…Ne,he, XE,H? 

Answer: Hydrogen.

35. When was AIDS Day?

Answer: December 1.

36. Who was the winner of the Open Women Doubles US?

Answer: Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis.

37. When was the first transistor is invented?

Answer: 1947.

38. Laughing Gas?

Answer: Nitrous oxide.

39. What was the  normal blood pressure of the human body?

Answer: 80/120.

40. Where was the Mansarovar lake is situated?

Answer: Tibet.

41. Where was the Rural Development Institute is situated?

Answer: Hyderabad.

42. The statement ” Every citizen of our country is corrupted” is given by?

Answer: Lord Cornwallis.

43. What was the popular dance of Tamilnadu?

Answer: Bharatanatyam.

44. When was World population day?

Answer: July 11th.

45. Who was the composer of Raghuvamsa?

Answer: Kalidasa.

46. What is the name currency of Myanmar?

Answer: Burmese kyat.

47. Sardar Sarovar pariyojana belongs to which state?

Answer: Gujarat.

48. When was World Health Day? 

Answer: April 7.

49. Where was the Lingraj Temple is situated?

Answer: Bhubaneswar.

50. Which country invented golf? 

Answer: Scotland

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