General Knowledge Questions And Answers-UPSC,  TNPSC, TRB Exams Set-246

1. India is self-sufficient in the production of which of the following commodities?

Answer:  Milk

2. Which country is not a member of SAARC?

 Answer: Mauritius

3. Independent alternation of generation is found in which plant?

Answer: Fern

4. Because of which factor, clouds do not precipitate in deserts?

Answer: Low humidity

5. Which Sikh Gurus started the Gurumukhi script?

Answer: Guru Angad

6. What does the Constitution name our country?

Answer: India, that is Bharat

7. Which glass is used in bulletproof screens?

Answer: Reinforced glass

8. What is the official language of the West African Development Bank?

Answer: French

9. albedo of which cloud is the highest?

Answer: Cirrus cloud

10. Who was the Finance Minister under Shivaji?

Answer: Amatya

11. By which income individual’s actual standard of living can be assessed?

Answer: Disposable Personal Income

12. Chekori powder is obtained from which part of the plant?

Answer: Root

13. Right to Constitutional Remedies comes under which rights?

Answer: Fundamental Rights

14. What is the capital of Lakshadweep?

Answer:  Kavaratti

15. Who was given the title of Andhra-Kavita- Pitamaha?


16. Thermal radiations are electromagnetic waves belonging to which region?

Answer:  Infrared region

17. Which is considered the drug of last resort for human beings?

Answer:  Streptomycin

18. Which is used as a fuel in Nuclear power stations in India?

Answer:  Thorium

19. Which is the second-highest peak in the world?

Answer:  K-2 (Godwin Austin)

20. Which Sultan of Delhi introduced measures for improving the quality of fruits?

Answer:  Firoz shah Tughlaq

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