General knowledge question and answer for TNPSC, TNUSRB Exams- Set-245

1. In which does the subject of Co-operative Societies fall?

Answer:  Concurrent List

2. One astronomical unit is the average distance between which bodies?

Answer:  Earth and the Sun

3. Ben Johnson, the well-known athlete belongs to which country?

Answer:  Canada

4. Which river is known as India’s River of Sorrow?

Answer:  Kosi

5. Where did the Lingaraja Temple built during the medieval period?

Answer:  Bhubaneswar

6. Who is the originator of the Green Revolution in India?

Answer:   Norman E. Borlaug

7. The food material in fungi is stored in which form?

Answer:  Glycogen

8. Lotteries organized by the government of a State come under which list?

Answer:  State List

9. In which state is Jog Falls located?

Answer:  Karnataka

10. Vikramasila Mahavihara was established by the ruler of which dynasty?

Answer:  Pal Dynasty

11. Rusting of iron is an example of which thing?

Answer:   Slow oxidation

12. Mac number is associated with which plane?

Answer:  Jet Plane

13. What is the natural source of hydrocarbon?

Answer:   Biomass

14. The high-altitude tropical forest which has dwarfed trees is known by which name?

Answer:   Elfm forest

15. From which age can Idol worship in India be traced?

Answer:  Pre-Aryan

16. Which plant only produces seed but not fruit?

Answer:   Cyrus

17. By whom is Agricultural Income Tax assigned to the State Governments?

Answer:  By the Constitution of India

18. For a body moving with constant speed in a horizontal circle, what remains constant?

Answer:  KE

19. In equatorial regions How is the temperature between July and January?

Answer:   The same

20. In which battle Porus was defeated, Alexander?

Answer:  Hydaspes

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