Current Affairs Gk Question – April 5, 2023

1. How many places in Arunachal Pradesh have been ‘renamed’ by China?

 Answer: 11.

2. Who is the current Prime Minister of Italy?

 Answer: Giorgia Meloni.

3. How many transactions were processed by UPI in March 2023?

 Answer: 8.7 billion.

4. What was the net IIP position of India at the end of December 2022?

 Answer: Positive $783 billion.

5. What is PNGRB?

Answer: Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board.

6. How much is the cut in oil production announced by OPEC?

 Answer: 1 million barrels per day.

7. What is Bastille Day?

Answer: French National Day.

8. What is the World Bank’s projection for India’s GDP growth in FY24?

Answer: 6.3%.

9. Who has been appointed as Executive Director of RBI?

Answer: Neeraj Nigam.

10. Who has become the first woman President of TiE Rajasthan?

Answer: Sheenu Jhawar.

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