Current Affairs Gk Question – April 18, 2023

1.Which country has emerged as India’s biggest trading partner in FY23?

 (b) USA.

2. Which country is not among the top five trading partners of India in FY23?

 (e) UK.

3. Which organization is India set to chair the group on the reform of financial architecture?

 (c) Commonwealth.

4. What is Assamese Gamosa?

 (c) A traditional Assamese cloth used for various purposes.

5. Which space agency launched the Juice mission to search for life on Jupiter’s moons?

 (b) European Space Agency (ESA).

6. Which taxes are included in net direct tax collections?

 (e) Income tax.

7. What are net direct tax collections?

 (b) The amount of tax revenue collected directly from individuals and businesses.

8. Which bank has reintroduced the ‘Amrit Kalash’ retail term deposit scheme?

 (b) ICICI Bank.

9. What is the benefit of investing in the ‘Amrit Kalash’ retail term deposit scheme?

 (b) Higher interest rates.

10. Which organization is responsible for ensuring compliance with the International Flight Safety Standards in India?

 (b) Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

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