1. What is the total investment approved for the 12 key projects by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik?

Answer: Rs 84,918.75 crore.

2. What is the expected headline inflation in FY2025, according to Morgan Stanley?

Answer: 4.9%

3. How does the inclusion of Indian bonds in JPMorgan’s emerging market debt index impact the country’s economy?

Answer: Attracts more foreign inflows, enhancing the balance of payments.

4. Where is the location of one of the newly approved industrial estates in Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer: Budhi in Kathua district.

5. What does Goldman Sachs anticipate for India’s equity market in terms of earnings growth over the next two years?

Answer: Mid-teens growth.

6. What significant change in visa policies has Malaysia announced starting from December 1, 2023?

Answer: 30-day visa-free travel for Indian citizens.

7. Who is the newly appointed captain for Gujarat Titans in IPL 2024?

Answer: Shubman Gill.

8. What recognition did the first floating CNG Mother station at Namo Ghat receive?

Answer: Midstream Project of the Year – India.

9. When will the mandatory blending of compressed biogas with natural gas commence, according to the government’s announcement?

Answer: April 2025.

10. Which states are designated as Partner States for the 42nd edition of the India International Trade Fair?

Answer: Bihar and Kerala.


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