1: What is the primary mode of transmission for the Zika virus?

Answer: Infected Aedes mosquitoes.

2. What significant achievement has Zepto made in terms of sales growth?

Answer: 300% year-on-year increase in sales.

3. What will happen to the branches of Akola Merchant Co-operative Bank after the amalgamation?

Answer: They will function as branches of The Jalgaon Peoples Co-operative Bank.

4. In which regions will the “She Leads Bharat:Udyam” initiative be initially implemented?

Answer: Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

5. Which of the followingt is a common symptom of Zika virus infection?

Answer: Rasheiiskmzmowk

6. How is the RBI’s approach expected to benefit co-operative banks and their customers?

Answer: By fostering a robust and secure banking environment.

7. How many women-owned small businesses will be enabled to grow their businesses by becoming Airtel Payments Bank Business Correspondents (BCs)?

Answer: 10,000.

8. What role will “Vyommitra” play in the Gaganyaan mission?

Answer: Space-faring humanoid robot.

9. How many astronauts are expected to participate in the manned mission of the Gaganyaan project?

Answer: Three.

10. Which web portal complements the Khanan Prahari App in curbing illegal coal mining?

Answer: Coal Mine Surveillance & Management System (CMSMS)

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