Computer Science GK- Set 5

101. System software is the set of programs that enables your computer’s hardware devices and ________ software to work together.

Answer:  Application

Solution: System software is the set of programs that enables your computer’s hardware devices and Application software to work together.

102. Select the odd one out.

Answer:   Operating System

Solution: Select the odd one out of is Operating System. An operating system (OS) is a program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot program, manages all of the other application programs in a computer.

103. To change written work already done is called

Answer:  Edit

Solution: To change written work already done is called Edit. to make changes to a text or film, deciding what will be removed and what will be kept in, in order to prepare it for being printed or shown.

104. To make a notebook act as a desktop model, the notebook can be connected to a ________ which is connected to a monitor and other devices.

Answer:  Docking station

Solution: To make a notebook act as a desktop model, the notebook can be connected to a Docking station is connected to a monitor, and other devices.

105. The benefit of using computers is that

Answer:  Computers are very fast and can store huge amounts of data

Solution: The benefit of using computers is that on one hand, they allow us to access the wealth of information that is available on the internet.

106. The database administrator’s function in an organization is

Answer:  To be responsible for the executive-level aspects of decisions regarding information management 

Solution: A database administrator (DBA) is the information technician responsible for directing and performing all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment.

107. The_____ becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing.

Answer:  Mouse pointer

Solution: The Mouse pointer becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing.

108. On which button does the help menu exist?

Answer:  Start

Solution: The help menu is available at the Start button. The help menu is used by the users for asking for help with the computer regarding a doubt the user might have about the computer.

109. Which of the following is the latest version of Excel?

Answer:  Excel 2010

Solution: The version number will be “12.0” for Excel 2007, “14.0” for Excel 2010, “15.0” for Excel 2013, or “16.0” for Excel 2016 and later versions.

110. Deleted data remains on a disk until

Answer:  The recycle bin is emptied

Solution: Deleted data remains on a disk until the recycle bin is emptied.

111. The________ enables your computer to connect to other computers.

Answer:  Network interface card (NIC)

Solution: The network card is what allows your computer to connect to the Internet (a network) using a cable (Cat 5). That cable is connected to a router that allows your computer to use a broadband connection.

112. What menu is selected to Save or Save As?

Answer:  File

Solution: The file menu in the toolbar and either access it manually by clicking on the file menu and then selecting save and save as options or by using the shortcut key Ctrl+S.

113. Array is

Answer:   Linear data structure

Solution: An array is a collection of similar data elements stored at contiguous memory locations. It is the simplest data structure where each data element can be accessed directly by only using its index number.

114. The Word function that corrects text as you type is referred to as

Answer:  Auto Correct

Solution: Auto correction, also known as text replacement, replace-as-you-type, or simply autocorrect, is an automatic data validation function commonly found in word processors and text editing interfaces for smartphones and tablet computers.

115. A collection of unprocessed items is

Answer:  Data

Solution: The collection of unprocessed facts, figures, and symbols is known as DATA.

116. The portion of the CPU that coordinates the activities of all the other computer components is the

Answer:  Control unit

Solution: The part of a computer that coordinates all its functions is called Control Unit.

117. A collection of related fields in data organization is called

Answer:  Record

Solution: In a database, a record is a group of fields within a table that are relevant to a specific entity. Records are composed of fields, each of which contains one item of information. A set of records constitutes a file.

118. A program that enables you to perform calculations involving rows and columns of numbers is called a

Answer:  Spreadsheet program

Solution: A spreadsheet is a computer program that can capture, display, and manipulate data arranged in rows and columns. Spreadsheets are one of the most popular tools available with personal computers.

119. Application software is designed to accomplish

Answer:   Real-world tasks

Solution: Real World Assessment Tasks are the way in which teachers using PBLA can assess their students’ ability to use the language in a meaningful way in a context that is as close to the real-world as possible.

120. What is the purpose of Software Documenting?

Answer:   Use and maintenance of software

Solution: Software documentation provides information about a software program for everyone involved in its creation, deployment, and use. Documentation guides and records the development process.

121. During the _______ portion of the Information Processing Cycle, the computer acquires data from some source.

Answer:  Input 

Solution: During the input portion of the information processing cycle, the computer acquires data from some sources.

122. The _______ of software contains lists of commands and options.

Answer:  Menu bar

Solution: The Menu bar of the software contains list lists of commands and options. A menu bar is a graphical control element that contains drop-down menus.

123. When creating a word-processed document, this step involves the user changing how words on the page appear, both on the screen and in printed form:

Answer:  Formatting text

Solution: Format or document format is the overall layout of a document or spreadsheet. For example, the formatting of text on many English documents is aligned to the left of a page.

124. The software applies_______, also called algorithms, to process data.

Answer:  Procedures

Solution: Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are step-by-step instructions to guide employees through routine tasks effectively and productively.

125. What happens when you press Ctrl + V key?

Answer:  The selected item is pasted from the Clipboard

Solution : (Control-V) In a Windows PC, holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the V key pastes the contents of the clipboard into the current cursor location.

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