Computer Science GK -Set 17

451. Which of the following is used for broadband communications?

Answer: All the above

452.________ a document means the file is transferred from your computer to another computer.

Answer: Really simple syndication

453. A(n) ________ allows you to communicate over the internet similar to a newsgroup but is easier to use.

Answer: Message board

454. A computer program used by the search engines to roam the World Wide Web via the Internet is

Answer: Spider

455.A simple automated program that scans the web for specific data and inserts it into a designated database.

Answer: Web crawler

456. In web searching a symbol or keyword that instructs the search software to make sure that any retrieved records contain a certain word, is called

Answer:  Inclusion operator

457. Which of the following is a characteristic of education software?

Answer: All the above

458. A (n) ________ is an open industry OS for data-enabled mobile phones that powers devices at the lower end of the smartphone price spectrum.

Answer: Symbian OS

459. By which of the following methods can you print out the name and address of all members of your dance club database?

Answer: A report

460. The date is generally entered in the form _______ on the computer.

Answer:  MM-DD-YY

461. In addition to keying data directly into a database, data entry can also be done from a (an)

Answer: Input form

462. A word processor is most likely to be used to do which of the following?

Answer: Typing a biography

463. Which of the following is a problem with the file management system?

Answer: All the above

464. BASIC, ALGOL, and COBOL are the examples of

Answer: Low-level language

465. Buffering in printers is necessary because

Answer: The computer is faster at generating data for printing than the printer can print it. There is not enough memory provided by printers.

466. Assembly instructions are in the form of

Answer: None of these

467. Compilers are

Answer: Both OS – and hardware-dependent

468. Which of the following is/are an interpreted language(s)?

Answer: All the above

469. To indicate a decision point in a program, a (n) ________-shaped symbol is used.

Answer: Diamond

470. The Thesaurus option is available on ________ menu.

Answer: Review

471.________ register holds the data to be operated upon, the intermediate results and the result of processing.

Answer: Accumulator

472. Turn off the computer dialog box does not contain ________ option.

Answer: Switch user

473. To handle ‘lost’ and ‘out-of-sequence’ packets, which of the following layers is responsible?

Answer: Transport layer

474. To run desktop OS and applications inside a virtual machine ________ is used.

Answer: VDI

475. Which of the following terms is used to describe the connection of networks that can be joined together? Answer: Internet

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