Computer Science GK-Set 15

401. A database that spreads information across different tables while maintaining links between them is referred to as

Answer:  Relational database

402.________ is a method of storing data on two or more hard drives that work in combination to do the job for a larger drive.

Answer:  RAID

403. C is a programming language developed for developing

Answer: UNIX Operating system

404. The First RAM chip was introduced by which of the following?

Answer: HP

405.________ is a system that predates the World Wide Web for organizing and displaying files on internet servers.

Answer: Gopher

406. A specialized network device that determines the next network point to which it can forward a data packet toward the destination of the packet is commonly known as

Answer: Router

407. Timing and control unit is a part of a (n)

Answer: Processor

408. Chip is the common name for a (n)

Answer: Integrated circuit

409. Malicious software is known as

Answer: Malware

410. Name the key that will erase information from the computer memory and characters on the screen.

Answer: Delete key

411.________ determines the appearance of your desktop and controls the performance of your hardware.

Answer: Control Panel

412. The processing capability of a microcomputer can be enhanced with the help of

Answer: Expansion card

413. Which view is not available in Microsoft Word 2007?

1) Outline 2) Full Screen 3) Page Break

4) Draft 5) Print Layout

414. The collection of commands is called

Answer: Program

415. Recycle Bin enables you to restore a file that was deleted from

Answer: Drive

416.________ bar appears immediately below the title bar and provides access to pull-down menus.

Answer: Menu

417. By default, number entries are

Answer: Righted aligned

418.________ process rearranges file fragments into contiguous files.

Answer: Defragmentation

419. The memory card which is conceptually related to the smart card but is similar to the video disk is

Answer: Laser card

420. The main advantage of magnetic disk compared to magnetic tape is

 Answer: Direct access

421. Which of the following printers is used in conjunction with computers and uses dry ink powder?

1) Daisy wheel 2) Thermal printer 3) Line printer 4) Laser printer 5) Band printer

422. Another term for the Internet is

Answer:  Arpanet

423. Which of the following topologies is not of broadcast type?

Answer: Ring

424. Enterprise storage unit that uses DVD and CD discs as the storage medium is

Answer: Jukebox

425. The function of the ‘home key’ in a microcomputer is

 Answer: To reposition the cursor

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