Computer Science GK- Set 11

276. The silicon chips used in computers are made from

Answer:  Ordinary sand

277. In modems, the data transfer rate is measured in

Answer:  Bits per second

278. The output of a 2 input and gate is 1 only when its

Answer:  Both inputs are 1

279.________ printer is a character-at-a time printer.

Answer:  Daisywheel

280. A half-byte is known as

Answer:  Nibble

281. A ________ code is used in retail stores to identify merchandise.

Answer:  Universal Product Code

282. Which of the following languages is based on graphics for use in education?

Answer: LOGO

283. You can activate a cell by

Answer: All the above

284. Which of the following is not an option in the spelling dialog box?

Answer:  Edit

285.________ layer performs multiplexing and demultiplexing of network connections.

Answer: Transport

286. In which of the following topologies, security, and privacy are less of an issue for devices?

Answer: Bus

287. A television broadcast uses _________ transmission mode.

Answer: Simplex

288. FDDI is an acronym for

Answer: Fiber Distributed Data Interface

289._________ and ________ protocols are defined in transport layer.

Answer:  TCP, UDP

290. Borders can be applied to

Answer: All the above

291. What is the short-cut key to highlighting the entire column?

Answer:  Ctrl + Space bar

292. Which command is used to display the current date and time in MS Excel?

Answer:  Now ()

293.________ language is used to create macros in MS Excel.

Answer:  Visual Basic

294. Workspace means

Answer:  Group of workbooks

295. Which of the following graphical models is used to define a database?

Answer:   E-R diagram

296. To refer to a specific record in your library database, for instance, information stored about a specific

Book ________ term is used.

Answer:  Instance

297. The most important advantage of an IC is

Answer:  Extremely high reliability

298. To modify the structure of a created table, which SQL command is used?

Answer: Alter

299.________ can be used to send an e-mail to a large group at one time.

Answer:  List server

300. To save the current document or to open a previously saved document, ________ is used.

Answer:  File menu

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